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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Women In The Pulpit.

Are women call to pastor churches?
Are women call to teach the word of God?
Are women call to preach the word of God? I mean
from the pulpit? Now this is 3 different questions
therefore, there will be 3 different answers.I Come out
of a traditional black church. I mean First Missionary
Baptist. Were our devotion was lead every Sunday by our
deacons and, women were not permitted to step up into the
pulpit. I have been to women day services were the woman (Y'all know how we do it women day)
of the hour were not allow to step up into the pulpit. She had
to speak from the floor. Now I never understood that. She was not the head of the
church just only the speaker. So what was wrong with her giving her speech from the
pulpit? Why do we twist God word to fit our own agenda? I believe that a women can
teach the word as well as any man and, some are good at it but, I don't believe that a woman should be
the head of a church. Now that is what I believe . So when I left my Old Black Church
I started to see some things different. So what is your take on Women in the Pulpit? Do you have a problem with it? Do you attend a church that has a woman as head?