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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Women On The Down Low And In The Pulpit.

We hear a lot about the brothers in the pulpit on the down low. But not that much about women. I was reading a article about Sistas in ministry who are on the down low. First off this thought has never enter my mind until reading the article. But, I guess the enemy is using some women of God in ministry to devour weak sheep, those that are in need of acceptance, those that have been abused, mishandled,
ect. Maybe it's because most women are naturally nurturers , these issues are not immediately recognized for what they are. How you going to preach His word, and then go and seduce the sheep? Isn't this an abomination to the Lord and a stench in His nostrils? I am just asking and, it does not matter who it is male or female. Its hard for me to wrap my mind around women seducing women,and using their title/authority to do so. I do believe in seducing spirit which means to lead away either by persuasion or false promises. In order to seduce, a woman that is on the down low in the pulpit will offer just about anything. They will offer a platform, financial help, ordination, license, all the while stringing along and baiting to get some one in. Then once you are there none of those promises materialize. You end up waiting until the “timing of God” all the while the intent is seduction. The article went on to say when a woman of God is on the down low and preaching every week, accepting ministry engagements and having no remorse about what she is doing then you have to look at the fact that she has a seared conscience. They also tend to have a very seductive spirit. Using tactics like batting their eyes, giving the once over, a seductive or toying voice when asking for a favor or making a point. I was discussing the article with my son-in-law who is a church pastor. He said that people are drawn to the apostolic and prophetic ministries and one reason being is that the anointing attracts. When a person walks in a heavy anointing they must guard it and not allow people to worship them. I once heard TD Jakes say the same thing about the power of the Anointing. My son-in-law says the danger is that people see the leaders more as God. The leader has to make sure he does not become territorial over Gods sheep. The danger then becomes that Jezebel spirit has found and entry point and relationships that were once Godly and wholesome become perverted. He said that you don't see it happening all at once but over time unless the person comes in with that sole intent of causing people to fall into sexual perversion. Most times it happens little by little. Mark 13:22 . My son-in-law said women of God should be careful, use wisdom, and caution. Don’t allow everyone to minister to them , pray for them or speak into their life. By doing so your are giving permission if they are up to no good to receive an importation you don’t want. People can literally molest a person in the spirit threw channeling and knowing how to operate in the spirit realm threw divination and familiar spirits. He also said you can be ministered to by someone and all of a sudden you can be overcome by lust, perverted thoughts and things of that nature, what happen is you either got an importation of their issues or they intentionally imparted in your spirit knowing full well what they were doing. How can one preach the gospel, leave the pulpit everyone shouting and jumping and running and go and lay up with another woman or a man that is not their spouse. We better begin to try every spirit to see if it is of God. The gifts and callings are without repentance. So the ability to draw people if you have that gift is going to be there, one may be able to preach the house down, that gift will be there, ect. But it is the spirit in which one is operating in that tells the tail. If a person is operating in a familiar spirit they will literally try and channel you to get in your spirit. We are to flee sexual immorality which means more than just to not have sexual intercourse with someone we are not married to. It means to flee sexual gratification short of, or apart from, intercourse with someone we are not married to and it also means to flee sexual gratification or thrills one might find from pornographic videos, movies, magazines, books, or Internet materials. Which opens the doors to a wide array of issues. Many times we address these issues when it comes to men in ministry. But what about women who are on the down low?