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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Why Black Men Don't Go To Church?

To me the black church have always represented a reflection of the black community.....the comment I have posted below is a comment by Reggie Williams left at Black and Married with Kids blog about six months ago....what a powerful comment!
There are more women in church than men because women are looking in churches for what they can't find at home - which is a pastor. As a husband, God has given man the authority to pastor to his family. This is a task that should not be left up to Rev. So and So or Dr. Whatyamacallhim. Unfortunately too many brothers leave the pasturing to their wife and children to another man and then have the nerve to complain about what he is teaching them. If you are truly concerned about what the pastor is teaching, you will be in church to monitor that what is being taught so that you can protect your family. But you can only monitor him when you have developed a personal relationship with God's intimate word. Then and only then can you lead your wife and children properly according to His word.

If a pastor is in a church running amok he is doing so because there aren't any strong men in that church, who are intimate with God's word; men in the church who are disciple's of God's word. See the church ain't a building, a bunch or traditions or even the pastor; the church according to Matthew 16:18 is the profession that the rock upon which the church is built on is that "Jesus is Christ and the Son of the living God." What this means is as a man you follow God and His word. How do you know that you are following His word if you are not studying His word. I attend church, tithe my time, talent and treasures and love the teachings of my pastor, but at my house I serve as the pastor because I study God's word. I do not rely on man.

Allow me to preference this statement: I work extensively with men; men in churches, institutions of higher learning and prison institutions (I worked with murderers) - so I maintain an intimate relationship with men at large. With this said it pisses me off with some of the bullshit that I hear spewed by brothers.

If you don't want to do church be a man and say I don't do church. Cool, that's keeping it real. I understand some of the nonsense that goes on in God's house. But the B.S. you spew is ridiculous. See, if you go to a restaurant and the service is bad and the food is bad and you feel like you got ripped off you don't stop eating; you just no longer spend your money at that establishment. You then find another place to eat where you will get good service and excellent food or at the very least, you go home and get a home cooked meal that you trust.

Well go home and get filled on His nourishing word. When you do, you'll know when a pastor is out of order and because you are in order your wife will be right by your side.

It also pisses me off that brothers attempt to walk with swag and speak with such a high level of intellect only to sway when they are needed to step up and make change for the better in churches, in communities - help in their homes.

Dudes it time to STEP UP (72% of African-American children  are born out-of-wedlock living primarily with single mothers; and sisters your behavior isn't excused in this situation b/c you are truly apart of this problem. Additionally, our communities are going to hell because our presences is absent. We ain't just missing from church, we are MIA in a whole lot of places where we are needed.

How about ceasing the B.S. It's so much better to be the KING that we were made to be. "Let us make man in OUR image, in OUR likeness, and let them rule .