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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Temporary Employees Show More Signs Of Depression.

A new study by researchers at McGill University found that temporary employees show more signs of depression, which hurts not only their productivity but the company as whole.... This is especially troubling because, as the recession softens, economists predict employers will hire temp workers before full-time employees.
But for someone new to the workforce, or just desperate for a job, temporary employment can seem like a viable option... It means guaranteed hours for a set amount of time.

The study found that temporary workers are more likely to be depressed than their full-time counterparts, and that the disparity increases over time. Using data from the U.S. National Survey of Youth between 1992 and 2002, researchers identified that temp employees, on average, suffered from two additional signs of depression than regular workers. And employees who continued to work temp jobs four years after initially being surveyed were even more likely to become depressed, leading researchers to believe that the strains of temp work accumulate over time.

Hiring temporary workers is usually considered a boon for employers looking to trim expenses, because temp workers are paid lower salaries and represent a smaller commitment on the part of the employer. The truth of the matter is companies love temp workers cause they can hire them at lower pay and no benefits.... Working with no benefits like insurance or paid vacation as well as job insecurity is bound to make any one depressed...I know some one will say; at least they have a job... True! they might have a job for today but they don't have job security big difference...I walk with my husband through this over a year ago when the job market first took a dive...Believe me it's not easy on a man who's accustomed to taking care of his family.