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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Free From The Opinions Of People!

Now I believe we should respect the opinions of others, but we should never be ruled by them... If we let it criticism will steal our individuality, rob us of our creativity, and stop us from fulfilling our destiny...That's too much power to give anybody...Insecure people will always criticize us , especially if choices differ from theirs...That's because they're uncomfortable with things that don't conform to their way of thinking... Secure people can handle being the only one doing something... They can allow others the liberty to be different and to make their own choices... That's because they themselves are secure in who God has called them to be...I said all that to say this there seems to be a little back-lash coming from with-in the Black Community against Tyler Perry...Tyler has a new movie coming out in Sept. which just happens to be based on his first stage play "I can do bad all by myself." Now most of the back-lash is from the younger generation... Which leads me to believe they're the ones who might not understand just how complex the Black Community really is.
Listen:"[He] made himself of no reputation" (php 2:7).Jesus obviously wasn't concerned about what others thought of Him. He had a goal- to do the Father's will- no more and no less. And He knew that to do it He had to be free from the opinions of others...So do we! The greatest tragedy that could happen to us would be to grow old and realize that somewhere along the way we lost our self and never succeeded at being the person God called us to be... And that's a distinct possibility if we allow the opinions of others to rule our life...Paul says, "It matters very little to me what you think of me, even less where I rank in popular opinion...I don't even rank myself...The Master makes that judgment."
I don' no the reason young people don't get the message which Tyler is trying to convey with his movies...May be they have for gotten about the high unemployment rate in our community...May be they have for gotten Tyler is responsible for a number of young black actors and actresses working these days...Maybe they have forgotten
with-out Tyler Perry there's no Black Cinema at this present time and I truly believe with out Tyler it would be all but extinct....We know back in the 90’s Lee & Singleton were producing movies that some with-in Black America had a problem with and rightful so but they were giving our people work also....There were some positive things that could be taken from those movies but honestly there was no real message but the good thing were people working....There's a limited number of movies that actually show positive Black Family life….Soul Food is one I can think of off hand....I think Tyler Perry is doing a phenomenal job....And every time he comes out with a movie, I go support it in the theater because I am supporting young gifted black people....I believe Perry understand the black community complexities and that one thing don't fit all and there's all types of black people...If you grew up in the South like I did you can better understand the character of Madea better than someone from another part of the country...Tyler understand we are not all in jail, and we’re not all in college either, We’re not all single mothers, but we’re not all from two-parent homes.... The plots in the movies may be predictable, but they’re not the same...Just like we are not the same....I believe when we have learned all we're suppose to learn from Madea, her season will end and her purpose will have been fulfilled...Until then keep going Tyler.