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Sunday, March 24, 2013

What Is: “clergy sexual misconduct and exploitation”?

Rev. Edward Fairley  

This man is sick! Calling the woman he stabbed 28 times a “gold-digging nymphomaniac,” Rev. Edward Fairley convicted last month of trying to kill his mistress showed no remorse as a state judge sentenced him to 21 years in prison Friday. The comment posted below is very interesting.
 "He has always been a "Master Of Deception". A con-artist, a pervert, a thief. He asked me when I was 17yrs old, "Don't you like money and nice things?" This is how he tries to entice women. His first church and marriage broke up because he was having an affair with a church member, and had a son with her. He used to beat her too, I saw black eyes and bruises on her. She was terrified of him, She also got married to get away from him. I've known this man over thirty years, he's always carried some form of blade with the purpose to be used as a weapon. I'm not understanding why he was allowed to continue to represent himself as a minister in the community after all the things that he has done. He's done more than you know trust me. My heart goes out to Mrs. Oliver, it's sad that she had to go through that horror. I hope with a lot of prayer, she can go on with her life. Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing. Some people feel they bought it, they own it. Obviously his agenda."
So, this lady had to get married to get away from this sicko.