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Showing posts with label True Spirituality Heaven Jesus Christ Followers Suffer Rich Betrayed HimI’m Going To Pay My Tithe First Says Evander. Show all posts

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I’m Going To Pay My Tithe First Says Evander Holyfield.

I don't have a problem with tithing and I am a believer in biblical giving of 10 percent of your income... whether based on your net or your gross...It's a stretch for many Christians which was done through a study by the Christian-based survey organization The Barna Group which was released last year which revealed only 5 percent of Americans tithed.

That is not the case for retired professional boxer Evander Holyfield. The former four-time heavyweight champion had a chunk of his ear bit off in his most infamous bout against Mike Tyson in 1997. He received a $35 million payout for the fight. A flat 10 percent—$3.5 million - went to Atlanta’s World Changers Church.

The charitable giving of professional athletes, with a focus on Holyfield and Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner, was the subject of a piece run Sunday by ESPN’s Outside the Lines news magazine.

World Changers and Missouri-based Joyce Meyer Ministries, which Warner is affiliated with, both preach the prosperity gospel. It states, in a nutshell, that God will bless those most who contribute substantially to the church.

When asked about Holyfield’s enormous contribution, World Changers Pastor Creflo Dollar said, “I’m as comfortable as I would be by someone whose tithe is five dollars.“Clip here....

Pressed about Meyer’s recently sold $2 million home, Warner compared international ministry heads to corporate CEOs and wealthy athletes such as himself. “Does it mean I shouldn’t have (wealth) just because I’m a Christian?“ he asked rhetorically....Regardless of your opinion of the prosperity gospel, ESPN wraps up with a telling statement by Holyfield, who is facing foreclosure on his mansion.

“I’m going to pay my tithe first,“ he said when presented with the choice of paying it or his mortgage. “Me paying that tithe is going to better me in the long run.“

That is what is wrong with the prosperity gospel.... its twisted,false, and unbiblical. Its not true to scripture... Its not true to God... Jesus was not rich when He can in the flesh...When Jesus walked in the flesh He had people who hated him, betrayed him , denied him ,beat him, spit on him, and crucified him...You can not tell me God never allows Christ followers to suffer... All but Judas and John out of the disciples died horrible martyrs deaths! God is all satisfying and the greatest pleasure to those that love him , but that does not mean people , will love you or that you'll never get sick, or that you'll have lots of money...you can be very very poor and still be more blessed than the rich Man who "gains the whole world but loses his soul..." Jesus told others to "store up treasures in Heaven" Not on earth.... He told those who elevated money above God to sell what they had and give to the poor...not buying a jumbo jet. This prosperity gospel is just another form of oppressive religion...not true spirituality.