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Saturday, March 21, 2009

President Obama Has The Gift Of Delegation....

I am aware that the media and the right wing nuts are saying that President Obama is trying to do to much. In-which I total disagree with that stupid statement. And here's why. A great leader understand how to delegate work and take responsibility for anything that may go wrong. Why reading my devotional for today it so reminded me of some of the attributes of the president in which I had to smile.

Snoopy is lying on top of his famous doghouse, complaining that there's too much to do. In the final frame of the cartoon he sighs, "I hate being head beagle!" If you like the privileges of being head beagle but not the responsibilities you probably haven't learned the scriptural art of delegation ( Acts 6: 1-6 ) some one once said that "you can do the work of ten men or get ten men to do the work." So why are we unable (or unwilling) to delegate?

  1. Fear of losing authority. Some of us would rather look for compliant people to implement our wishes.
  2. Fear of work being done poorly. In some cases you're right! But often our hang-up is not being willing to allow others to do the work their way.
  3. Fear of work being done better. That's pride! You should surround yourself with people who have the potential to do an even better job then your work will out live you.
  4. Unwillingness to take the necessary time. Task-oriented people just want to get the job done. They've little patience when it comes to waiting for others to learn through trial and error and become capable.
  5. Lack of training and positive experience. Nobody ever believed enough in us to delegate stuff to us, so we learned to work as independents. That can be fatal. The best leader is the one who has a sense to pick good people to do what he or she wants done, and enough self-restraint to keep meddling with them while they do it.