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Monday, July 7, 2008

Tithing Does The Heart Good.

Tithing, an ancient practice described in the Bible, is particularly strong in African American communities, where it is reinforced by centuries of family tradition. That has helped propel African American in the top for charitable giving, as documented by a Chronicle of Philanthropy study based on donations as a percentage of income.

Religious institutions draw much of the nation’s charitable money, accounting for three out of every four dollars given, the chronicle’s study of 2002 IRS data found. In African American communities, the figure is closer to nine out of every 10 dollars.

Tithing is clearly a huge driver behind charitable giving in the United States. According to an article I read Americans give away an average of 3 percent of their wealth. Tithers, by definition, give more. To make things even more interesting, many congregants are now giving through direct deposit rather than during worship services. I am not down with that but to each his own. I consider giving as an act of worship, and it’s pretty hard to worship when you’re not participating. Some people have a problem with giving I don't and never have it's does the heart good.