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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tim Tebow A Banner For Christ.

I never heard of Tim Tebow until a couple of months ago. His name is spoken alot around the Jacksonville area . I am not a sports fan or a follower of U.S. college football. Which I have good reasons for (too many games) ,anyway ,I start paying attention to the talk of Tebow who's a star quarterback for the University of Florida Gators. Tebow exemplifies how a serious Christian can tackle two of the ongoing struggles facing the faith in today’s world: How to live “in the world” without becoming “of the world.” Matt 5:14-16

He's a solid academic student, he decided last week to return to school for his senior year rather than make the tempting jump to the NFL. Last year, when Playboy magazine wanted to include Tebow in its prestigious annual All-American football line-up, he refused. That’s because he lives his Christian faith in every way he can. On the black eye strips that players wear to cut down glare, he puts Scripture verses.

He never gives an interview without prominently mentioning his gratitude to Jesus, and he doesn’t stick it in at the end of the sound bite where it can be edited out, either. The fifth child of home-schooling parents, he travels with his mother and father’s missionary organization every year to the Philippines to do missionary work. He regularly speaks to thousands of students a year, to prisoners, and to sick children.

As Tebow puts it, he isn’t mixing religion in with his sports. His No. 1 goal is to share his faith. Football just happens to be the way he’s doing it.