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Monday, March 3, 2008

The Lack Of Blackmen In Church.

One of the single greatest tragedy facing black America is the lack of men in church. While 75 percent of the mosque is male, 75 percent of the black church is female.

The author of Adam Where Are You? Says why most black men don't go to Church It wasn't always so. In earlier generations, black men were much more involved in the church, and their religious faith bolstered their commitment to families and neighborhoods. The most effective way to reduce black crime, and to strengthen black families, may be to return African-American men to their spiritual roots.

I've gone to church for almost 30 years. Every Sunday there are more women than men. Not only do women attend more faithfully, they comprise most of the volunteer corps and the non-ordained church staff.
The target audience of todays church is a middle-aged to elderly woman. Why? Because she's got the two things the church needs money and time.

Without the superhuman commitment of these women the ministry machine would grind to a halt. Churches work very hard to keep them happy, giving and volunteering.

So, without even realizing it, our church culture has subtly evolved to meet women's needs. But men and young people are dying in our churches, because we ignore their needs. What do you think, why blackmen won't go to church? Have the church showed favoritism toward women? How can the church reach more men and young people?