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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Black Church Speaks On Last Night’s Debate On "Twitter"!

 Joy 105 have captured and posted on it web site a screen shot of different leaders within the Black Church construct discussing via "twitter" last night debate....Am  I surprise at the above tweets? NO! Am  I  surprise by the latest Lifeway survey? NO!  There's one  tweet in particular  that stands out in my mind and I agree 100% with it  it's the one by Pastor E.Dewey Smith.

 I've ask my self the same thing over and over again. I am not a pastor but I am a Christian who believe in the Trinity and  it is hard  for me to understand how a conservative protestant pastor can  support a man who believes in heretical beliefs (i.e.,polytheism as opposed to true trinitarianism). Mitt belongs to a religious group that most conservative evangelicals have long held to be a cult.

According to a "Pew" survey that was taken last week and published by the Lifeway  group that show most if not all young white protestants will be voting for Mitt Romney this election cycle. This election cycle have proven to me beyond a shadow of a doubt  that there are two God's among one people. One god for the master and one god for the slave.
This I cannot and will not embrace. Much of the Old Testament tells the children of Israel to avoid such people and not to mix with them. God knows in heaven  that I don't agree with President Obama on every issue but I do not believe he practices heathenism.