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Saturday, June 14, 2014

An announcement: Stop With The Foolishness, Single "MOM'S" Father's Day Is Not Your Day To Shine!

Calm down folks and stop with the foolishness. Over the last past couple of years I've noticed a trend in which single mothers are wishing other single mothers… A Happy Father's Day. Don't get me wrong, while it is your right to do so, no one can argue that. But this is not your day, this needs to stop.

  We need to be mindful of trying, to hijack and take the shine away from the good fathers on Father's Day.  Father's Day, is a day for celebrating father's who take care of their responsibility.  I have a big ole problem with this craziness every year when Father's Day comes around folks trying  like HELL to take the shine away from those fathers who deserve it.

 I am really disappointed in 'black' folks  who attack the black mother who's  raising their children on their own and doing the best they know how by them self.  In the last couple of years, this back and forth on social media has almost overtaken a celebration that was meant to acknowledge good fathers.

 Father and Mother Day are not celebrations about gender, but instead they are celebrations about roles.....that have been assigned to male and female before the beginning of time, (in my opinion).  Father's day which to me mean it doesn't belong to the single mothers.

 I'm sorry, just because you single mother has the task of doing this parenting thing along doesn't mean you supposed to it wasn't designed that way. There are some things God never assigned  a woman to do and being a father is one of them (in my opinion). Be who you are a celebrated single  mother raising her kids alone, not a FATHER!