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Monday, October 13, 2008

When Your Life Style Don't Match Your Walk.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta what can I say. Nothing! I don't admire these women or identify with them, but because I am shock by the depth of their shallowness. One thing it shows Black Women as being too materialist. But, the reason I mention it because of the young lady by the name of Deshawn Snow who is a born again Christian. I read a statement she made during an interview in which she stated she is a born-again Christian who loves the Lord. I am not saying she's not born again but, her life style don't reflect that. This is her testimony,“After a recent trip to Israel, it hit me. I realized that I’d spent my life searching. Searching outside of myself for more things to have, for more things “to be,” for more recognition……and, while doing all that, I very nearly missed my life. I decided to take off my mask, even though it would hurt. I slowed down, stopped chasing “stuff,” and went after God. I realized that the life I had was NOT what HE paid the price for. I was born to be a blessing. Not by power, or by might, but by the Spirit. By humbling myself, God has and will continue to elevate me.” God has never promsie, declare, agree or made a vow to elvate any one. She boasts that she is living her dream: Married her college sweetheart who is an NBA star, three beautiful boys, a mcmansion equipped with a full-time staff not limited to a governess and a chef, amazing cars, exotic vacations on private jets, a wardrobe that the average female only wishes she could shop from, and several businesses including her own foundation. But, yet Deshawn said she still felt empty. May be, the reason for the emptyness is that Christ is not a feeling it's a knowing. An that knowing comes with a better understanding of who Christ is. As a Christian you just can't operate on feeling. And another thing she must come out from among them.