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Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Jesus.

If You're Christian how do you see the risen Christ? If you're of Africa descent how do you see Him? For people of any ethnicity to find it easier to relate to Jesus the man if he is more to their culture and their lives then why can't we? One lesson of the Gospels, is that Jesus shares our joys and sufferings. I would think that it might be difficult for people who had been oppressed for years, either as slaves, disenfranchised to accept icons that so closely resemble their oppressors. You have to experience Jesus to know Him. If you are sick He is your healer the same if you fatherless He become your Father.

Jesus the man was a Jew, living in a Jewish land, with Jewish family and friends, practicing a Jewish religion. That being said, the African-American faith traditions have done a much better job of remembering this than the Caucasian-American church has done. Being the slaves and the oppressed of the dominant American culture for so long helped them identify closely with God’s chosen people, the perennial underdogs of history, the Israelites.

My question is do Jesus receive all worship? I believe He receives all pure worship. So, if my heart is pure and it don't matter black , white or other He receives me.