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Sunday, November 18, 2007

3rd Sunday (Men's Day) Question? How Did We Fail So Many?

Young black men have become big business.The prison housing 20% of all the people in the world behind bars, the largest prison population on the planet. In a frenzy of criminal justice, we have turned our backs on the founding principles of this nation to produce state and federal prisons at an alarming rate—in the 1990s, opening 1 every 15 days in depressed rural towns and communities. Private correctional companies are entering the industry, appearing on the NY stock exchange, with an eye on the bottom line. Under this prison-industrial complex, we are locking up 1 in 3 young black men in this nation, moving them far from home, and stripping them of the right to vote, the possibility of holding decent jobs and the dignity of supporting themselves and their families. US prisons are holding the strangest of reunions: grandfathers, fathers and sons behind bars. There is no paying of their debt to society, no clean slate. The Black Church should take a more active role, in keeping our young men out of the system. If we can run our churches like they are a business why can't we come up with a solution for this problem? The Black Church is partially to blame for this too. The Church have forgotten the next generation what are these young men to do? No body cares for them. The Black Church can help inspire change by presenting the big picture of the prison system that values the bottom line more than it does solutions at whatever cost. The Black Church can start to demand a prison system that delivers justice for all. What is your take on the Black church and young men in the system what should we be doing about it?