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Sunday, May 18, 2008

3rd Sunday How To Love A Stuck Up Person.

To me narcissist is a powerful word because it's in the person's head. I have a niece who will not pass a mirror without stopping and adding more lip gloss to her lips even if they don't need it. She is 14 years old. Back in the day we call people like that "stuck up". Don't get me wrong I have mad love for her but, she gets on my nerve in a bad way. I know that it's a phase she is going through but, please! She think the world is moving because of her. She has developed a new walk and talk that is from another culture. I think some of it's because she have been shelter in a private school were her peers are 90% white and plus her father is a Minister of the Gospel. She is some what a little snick too. She will call and ask can she come over of course I say yea. Guess what? The minute she gets there she head for the computer were she has a My Space account set up. Plus she has it mark private. I ask her why she don't check it on her computer she says her computer is too slow. My computer is set up in my family room so I can see her from were I am sitting. If I get up and move she will click on another windows that she has open at the same time. If I ask her what she's doing she will act stupid and go what are you talking about auntie? How can a 14 year old set up a My Space account? Don't you have to be 18? I hope she make it through this phase of her life without my sister killing her. One more thing she got a cell phone for her birthday in Feb with unlimited minutes her dad caught her sending a text message when she should have been sleep. Now no phone and no computer. She also is an honor student who has been on the dean list every since she started school.