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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Devil Is On His Job.( What about the Church?)

I'm sure every one is familiar with Hip - Hop Music. There has been many argument in regarding lyrics corrupting today's youth. This is not an attack on rap or Hip- Hop. I am looking at this from a Christian and a parent point of view. What's popular now is Crank That by a young man who goes by the name of Soulja Boy. He has two lines that most people would publicly say was offensive language. What is the drawing power behind this song?

Only in America do you have all types of people screaming Superman that Ho on videos uploaded onto YouTube. Why have our young people embrace mess like this? Every where you turn you here this song. The enemy sure knows how to get our attention. My son and I was discussion this song, when he started to tell me what the song meant. What could make a 15 year old put lyrics like that to music? The Enemy is so smart that he hide it in a way that even the masses could not detected it. Think about the lyric, you would have never guess that unless someone broke it down for you.

"Super Soak that Ho" and "Superman that HO". It easy to guess what "Super Soak that Ho" is... This would be the act of cu..... on a female like a water gun. Now it took him a minute to explain what "Supermaning" a Ho was... When having sex from behind to ejaculate on her back. After she falls asleep you put a sheet on her back where you just cu..... on her back. When she wakes up the sheet will be dried to her back so when she stands up it looks like she has a cape on. What is wrong with this picture? I kn0w that money is behind all this, but what about respect for females ?

Now this is what my 24 year old son says that what it mean. This young man who goes by the name of Soulja Boy is 15 years old. We can't say this is boys been boys. You see all ages getting into this Crank That. If the lyrics means whats been posted in this thread. This song has been embrace by main stream America we got problems. What your take on the meaning and the lyric? Soulja Boy has the most up loaded video on You tube for the year 2007.