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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jesus Take The Wheel:Brian McLaren Leads Commitment Ceremony At Son's Same-Sex Wedding!

Trevor Douglas McLaren and Owen Patrick Ryan 

Some in the Christian community are calling the actions of Brain McLaren last weekend in Washington D.C.a really bad move while others or saying  they were/are glad to see him make a public stand in support of his son..According to The New York Times Brian McLaren, author of A New Kind of Christian and a prominent Christian speaker, led a non-traditional marriage commitment ceremony for his son which sent the Christian community into a tail spin.

 As an individual with a opinion,I don't see nor do I  have a problem with Brian McLaren offering a personal blessing to his son. For me this is no different than a pastor standing, praying and blessing some secular culture activity that's taking place with in the church walls.

 One great example of this is when the church allows  unmarried pregnant church members to hold baby showers and others such events, in the church fellow ship hall with the blessing, prayers and approver by the pastor.