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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Why Is Rick Warren The Key Note Speaker For King Day Celebration?

The Orange County Register reports that the celebrity pastor and author Rick Warren has been invited to be the keynote speaker Jan. 19 at a celebration of the life of Martin Luther King Jr. at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. (King and his father were pastors at Ebenezer. Warren's speech will take place on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, an official national holiday.)

The King Center President and Chief Executive Officer Isaac Newton Farris Jr. said holiday organizers tapped Warren to speak at the service for his "unifying spirit" and commitment to his conservative faith, which is part of the concept of the "beloved community" embraced by King. "We approached Rick Warren in May to be the speaker long before anyone knew who our next president would be," Farris said. "We were wondering if they took a cue from us." Farris said organizers are excited about Warren's appearance next month.

I believe the reason Warren was chosen for the gig was and is to help convince people of color that King was a Republican. "Dr. King's dream includes everyone," Farris said. "Rick Warren might not agree with some of the things that some of God's children do, but he does at least acknowledge that they are God's children, unlike a lot of his other conservative colleagues. We are looking very forward to hearing the message he will bring to us." Farris said the president-elect had also been invited to attend the King holiday service, but that he has not responded to the invitation.