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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Take Back Your Family.

I don't care for The Glenn Beck show but, Friday night I just happen to watch it. He feature one of my favorite celebrity couples……Rev. Run and his wife Justine. They were there promoting a new book which happens to be on top of the New York Time best Sellers list. There’s something about this couple that I love. They are definitely people of integrity and it is quite obvious that they not only love the Lord, but also show it in their characters.Rev.

Run began the show by giving his personal testimony about how he had come to know Christ. He said that it was during the time when Run DMC was at the peak of their career. He said that he was actually in LA in the suite of a prestigious hotel sitting in the Jacuzzi tub. He said he was smoking weed with everybody from Rolling Stone magazine folk to girls knocking at his door. He said he was too big of a celebrity to answer. His celebrity could make them wait. But then he said that although he was at the top and living the life that many, many dream of…….he felt so incomplete, And empty. And so not really knowing God, he asked God to give him an escape.

He told the Lord that He needed more cause his life with Run DMC wasn’t giving it to him. that it started when he got back to New York. He went to one church service and it changed his life. He gave his life completely to the Lord. And as Justine added, that one service turned into going to church 3 times a week. They both said that they had an insatiable desire to know God and to seek His plan for their lives. And as God began to raise Run and his family up, slowly but surely Run DMC started falling down the charts. Run said that he KNEW God was doing it. And he KNEW that God wanted to use him for his glory. So Run surrendered to the Lord, and God began to use Run's talents for his glory. So Run had this vision to do a reality show about his family called Run’s House Originally ABC Family was going to do the show, but Run had a conversation with Diddy and he suggested that Run approach MTV God can use ANYBODY.

Well, Run knew that he wasn’t going to compromise. He knew that he would have a show that characterized he and his family’s true Christianity lifestyle, but knew also that that wasn’t the type of show MTV normally did. Many said it wouldn't work. But God. God knew what He was doing. Need I say more. The book is at the top of the New York Times best Sellers list.