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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Peter,You Are The Rock, And Upon You I Will Build My Church Not A Coporation.

There's another church being sued by church members - over access to financial records. This time its Bethel Baptist Institutional Church, pastured by the Revs. Rudolph McKissick, Sr. and Jr. BBIC is a predominantly African-American church that split from FBC Jax way back in 1877. Any how according to an articles by Jeff Brumley in the Florida Times Union on July 25 th and August 16 several BBIC deacons are suing the church to gain access to financial records of the church, so that they the church members can be fully informed on how a $22 million dollar loan was spent by church leaders. Questions:

  1. Why not let members see financial records?
  2. What could possibly be wrong with that?
  3. On what grounds is the church denying these members from gaining access to financial records of their own church at which they've served and financially supported?
Now, according to Brumley, the church is drawing a distinction between being members of the "church", and being a member of the "corporation" and guess what: These deacons are not members of the "corporation" (darn). Now that is a new twist to church financial secrecy - the BBIC members have been writing their tithe checks to the "church", but i am guessing the money was really going to a "corporation" to which they do not belong, killing their rights to demand financial transparency on how money is spent. This is mind blowing! And how does one "join" a corporation instead of a church? I am just asking! If I am not mistaking Jesus said:

"Peter, you are the rock, and upon you I will build my Church not Coporation.

"And the Lord added to the Church daily"not the Coporation.

"...as Christ loved the Church (not corporation) and gave Himself for it..."