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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rev. Jessie Jackson.

This is my opinion about what Rev. Jackson said about Obama. I agree the comments were bad and he did not say them on purpose to hurt Obama . When in fact he didn’t no that he was being miked. We all say things in private that we would never, ever say in public. This is not to excuse the comments themselves, but it is a different issue than if they were intended to be heard publicly. Could there be some issues of jealousy? Yes/No who knows. A lot of people in the black community perceive Obama’s messages on ‘personal responsibility’ and fatherhood, the same way Rev. Jackson did with some questions. For Rev. Jackson who have been working to address structural injustice and racism for decades. Why can't Black America except Rev. Jackson on his merits to the community instead on that one comment? Some Black Bloggers are giving Rev. Jackson a hard time about that one comments. Then with the next stroke of the pen attacking Obama saying he's pandering to Black America or moving to much toward the center. Come on we can't have it both ways. I truly believe Rev. Jackson has been in the fight long enough to have wisdom and insight that Obama can used. I am praying that Obama will listen too that wisdom Rev. Jackson have been through somethings only Obama can dream of.