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Saturday, February 2, 2008

What's Real and What's Not.

Today I came across a web site for Retouching Photos. The beauty of the site is in the before and after photos where the achievements of the re-touching are shown. You will notice boobs are made bigger, arms and tummy made smaller, any discoloration or texture of the skin is removed. I did not recognize Serena William or Mary J Blige. Check out Mary cleavages. (not in a bad way)she is perfect.
They changed her color to a lighter complexion . Look at Mary J Blig she looks flawless. Hype Hair Mag. is the best at retouching people. You have to read the name on the cover
After a while the re-touched photos began to look like someone had painted over them completely – I found it hard to believe some were even used – but another pages shows they were, and in on which publication cover.

Looking through I noticed some trends in the retouching process:
  • Boobs, as mentioned were often made bigger and plumper, they were never reduced.
  • Arms were thinned
  • Tummy's were made smaller, and abs defined
  • Bums were often made larger, and given more ‘definition’ though sometimes they were rounded.
  • Skin tone was ‘warmed’ in every picture, discoloration was removed, texture was removed, lines, hair, shadows. Shine was added to the skin in many of the pictures.
  • Nails were painted and makeup applied.

These standard adjustments to the finished photo are parallel to modern standards of beauty in America. Bronzer to warm your skin tone, boob jobs so you’re bigger and plumper, diets, calorie counting or surgery to get skinny arms, skinny bellies, defined bum, and countless lotions and potions are marketed to us so we can get flawless shiny skin, make up, make up, make up. Is this the reason for this generation idea of beauty retouching? If we had a more personal relationship with our maker I think we will be more acceptable of our selves. If our Heavenly Father wanted Serena Williams with a lighter complexion won't he have give it to her since He is the one that made her? Why can't we praise God for who we are rather than who we want to be? I learn long ago if the rich and famous can't achieve to the beauty idea with all the money and personal stylists, trainers, and make up artist with expensive potions. Then it is crystal clear that little broke me can't either. so, I will be who God created me to be a Worshiper and not a perfect beauty.

Check the site out and see the work they have done. www.glennferon.com.