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Monday, February 9, 2009

You Need A High IQ To Be President.

Since Obama has become our new president people are looking at the issue of IQ. I looked at the researched article by Dean Simonton who seems to do a pretty careful job. He uses multiple ratings by multiple experts with multiple methods to estimate the IQs and the leadership performance of 42 Presidents. Bush II was a failure because he wasn't smart and didn't really have a well thought out philosophy. He mostly thought and spoke in slogans. I don't know what to say about Bush 43 Yet.

They are saying that within the range of IQs that we've seen among presidents, differences in IQ are not that critical. From the lowest estimate of 107.8 (Harding) to the highest of 175.0 (J.Q. Adams), the range is high enough for other factors to become important. What really matters in a leader is not being smart, but being right. In my judgment, Obama is smart as hell. Therefore I wonder what his IQ is? While we're at it, the study puts G.W. Bush's IQ somewhere between 111 and 138.5, with a mean of 125. This is close to the 125-130 range. There is a rumor circulating that George W. Bush's IQ is 91. Well, I did some research and found that to be a number made up by some fake organization. Data Here! As a leader of the free world you need smarts plus a high IQ.