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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Not Impressed: Isaac Carree and R. Kelly A Nice Mixture Of The Light With The Darkness.

Oh what we won't do for record sales.....I tell you.  If you really care to know just how off track this generation have become, when it come to God and holiness, follow the music and FaceBook, you'll get a pretty good idea. The following debate below took place Monday on Mr. Carree Facebook page.  It look like Mr. Carree has decided to remix his single "Clean This House" with expert music veteran artist R. Kelly:
1st Young Lady:  I actually like it!! By using R. Kelly on this record do you know how many people Isaac Carree will reach??!! I'm sure this will be played in strip clubs and other places gospel is not considered being played. People will be reached and saved...yes everyone has a past, and if peeps are affected by this record then the work of Lord is being fulfilled. The Word doesn't change, but the delivery changes with each generation. This 'un-churched' even 'churched' generation will better perceive this then the seasoned saints. God used many in the Bible that was not for him to get the people's attention!
Young Man: A nice mixture of the light with the dark. But wait, can you mix light with darkness? Aren't we supposed to be separate from the world? 2 Corinthians 6:17. Are we singing to sound like Jesus or R Kelly? Not impressed.
1st Young Lady: Yes in the club! Isaac is not the first or last...the Clark Sisters, Kirk Franklin, the Winans, Bebe and CeCe, Rizen, Kierra Sheard, etc have all had a song or two blasted in the clubs. Not debating, I'm just speaking of experience. I'm not denying His power...actually He has the power to go in clubs. As a matter of fact, that was how my life was changed...in the club with drink in hand listening to a MaryMary song. I was convicted, I repented, and then on made an effort to change and still to this day living for Christ because I seen what He can do. If His power and anointing can come in the club and change me then my vote is yes! So, I'm all for spreading the gospel in the clubs, strip clubs, or anyone else. You don't know who life is being saved! Sorry if I wasn't changed while "Come to Jesus" was playing. WOW!

 Any time you can find a gospel star bold enough to add an accused unrepeated pedophile to a record......will do just about anything under the sun for that filthy luker. SHAME!