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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Prophetess Janice Mixon. ( Speaker At NorthView Christian Church)

Prophetess Janice Mixon and get this former Dallas Police Department Officer of the year. Ms. Mixon is speaking at my church this weekend. My husband and I attend yesterday session it was good. I never heard of Ms. Mixon before yesterday. My Church as a whole is fasting for 21 days. We kicked it off Friday and it will continue on until the 30 of January. My pastor calls it a new beginning.

We are embarking up on something new and leaving the old behind. We are in the process of building a new church which will be in a dome shape. It will be the only one in this city. Which we are a small city of only 70,000 people . Ms. Mixon will deliver the message during morning service. I am looking forward to hearing her. Like I mention in an early post I believe women are gifted too. I don't know how you become a prophetess but I will say she is gifted to do what she do. She comes from a humble background of 13 sisters and brothers.

Mixon was raised Baptist, but somewhere along there some Pentecostals got a hold of her -- Church of God in Christ folk, if I’m not mistaken -- and she stepped into her prophetic calling. In practical terms, being a prophetess for Mixon means preaching, followed by specific "words" for individuals and ministries that the Holy Spirit impresses upon her heart. She also teaches about intercessory prayer. Nothing spooky, OK?

She talked about the hardships in her life, like a marriage busted up by infidelity, and how God used sorrows such as this to cause her to "come away" into a private place and burrow into Jesus' arms. First she found comfort in that secret place, then spiritual insight was birthed and cultivated and refined there.