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Sunday, November 18, 2007

3rd Sunday (Men's Day) A Prayer For Black Men's In Prison.

Father Your word says that we should minister unto those who are in prison. Therefore I come before Your throne of grace lifiting up The Blackman in the name of Jesus Christ and petitioning You on their behalf.

Father as the prodigal son came to himself in the hog's pen and realized that he needed his father, I pray that our Blackmen's would come to them self while they are in prison and come to know that they need You in their life.

May You send faithful laborers to minister Your Word unto them. I pray that You would soften and 9pen their hearts to receive the seed of Your Word and Your Spirit. May You open their heart to receive You intimately as Savior and Lord. And give them the mind and the strength to live for you, and allow You to live and grow in and through them, even while he is there.
As Jonah's heart and life was changed from rebellion to receptivity and obedience to Your Word (because of the 3 days and nights he spent in the belly of a fish/whale) I pray that their Jonah experience for them will likewise change their hearts to serve and 0bey You. And give them a heart a mind and a determination to live for You like never before.

I pray also that You would comfort the hearts of their family while they are incarcerated. Father, as Jacob's love did not dwindle or diminish for Rachel though he waited 14 years for her may You likewise comfort and keep the hearts of their family wife and children kindled in excitement and high anticipation longing and awaiting their return.