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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Can Your Pastor Pass A P.I.S.S. Test?

There's a wonderful  post over at Pimp Preacher and when we consider  the moral condition of the black church today, Jesus’ words become even clearer..... "if the salt has lost its ability to savor, it is therefore good for nothing".....if the body can only follow the head, and the head is sick, then clearly you can see why the world’s moral compass is broken.
A Pastor operating in sexual sin is unfit for service – plain and simple. Sin and Righteousness cannot co-exist despite this New Age doctrine that grades Christians on a remedial scale. There is no substitute for the truth as there is no honorable service performed by a Fornicator. If the love of God is not enough to convince a Pastor not to cheat on his wife then the Fear of God should more than compensate. For this reason a Fornicating Pastor should be Dishonorably Discharged!

No longer will we as the Body of Christ allow the so-called Man of God to have a wife and a little Boo on the side. No longer will we allow the Pastor to remarry over and over again, creating his very own episode of the Ex-Wives Club. No longer will we listen to the rumors of the latest Pastor Sex Scandal without addressing it with him immediately. No longer will we tolerate Pastors In Sexual Sin (P.I.S.S)....Rest Here!