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Saturday, February 9, 2008

I am Scared of A Ouija Board.

Ouija boards, tarot cards and horoscopes are all ancient methods of divination that are still popular today. Growing up this was not allowed in my home.

Any thing that was not Bible or the Bible spoke against was not allowed. We could not have playing cards either my pop's said they was used for gambling so we couldn't have them. I saw and touched my 1st Ouija Board in my freshman year in school. We could bring games from home to play during PE. Someone brought a Ouija Board. When it rules and all was explained it scared me. I never for got how it shock me up. Back then I was scared of funerals and any thing that had to do with spirits.

To use a Ouija board, the planchette is placed on the board and one or more people rest their fingers on the planchette. The users start by moving the planchette around the board and speaking to the spirit they wish to summon, then begin asking the spirit questions. The goal is to have the spirit spell out — via the planchette moving across the letters on the board — the answers to their questions. Some believe Ouija boards are harmless fun, others believe they are communicating with spiritual entities but there is no harm in doing so, as long as basic guidelines — never play alone, begin and end the game properly, etc. — are followed. Please feel free to leave a comment. All comments are welcome. What do you think? Have any one every played with a Ouija Board/Tarot Cards/horoscope? Should Christian be part of games like these yes/no?