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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oprah's A Free Woman!

For the first time in her career Ms Winfrey has decide to endorsed a candidate. Either, you agree with her choice, it was still her choice to make. Obama has been on The Oprahs show twice and that was before he declared his candidacy. Since the nomination of the governor of Alaska some women groups are insisting that she be given the opportunity to appear on Oprahs show. They feel that this would allow for balanced representation ( In who eyes?) even though Barack has not appeared himself since winning the nomination. The Florida Federation of Republican Women has launched a boycott against Oprah Winfrey’s TV show and magazine because the talk queen has said she will not have Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin on her show until after the election. This is a classic case of bend to our will, or we will break you. Who do these heifers think they are? You want to talk about women making history. why hadn't Oprah had Nancy Pelosi on her show? Pelosi is the hightest - ranking woman on the Hill. She has 5 children as well as Ms. Sarah. When Oparh first endorsed Barack over Hillary, pundits declared that she would hurt her viewership. As long as Oprah was neutral and not taking an active stake in the political world, the white folks were content to embrace her. Some white women think that they can still tell mass'er if we don't perform to please them.
I remember reading an article were Ms Winfrey made a quote " that she's a free woman."