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Monday, November 2, 2009

What Good Is Friends If They Don't Have Your Back?

Debra Winans tells TMZ she’s “hurt by Oprah’s decision to have Bebe Winans on her show” — especially after she refused to have Chris Brown on her show in the wake of the Rihanna beating...Some are hollering foul...The chatter in the blogs is that Oprah has "Double Standard" when it comes to Domestic Abuse....Oprah has been friends with the Winans Family since she had them on her newly nationally syndicated talk show back in the late 80's , along with gospel singers Vanessa Bell Armstrong and Wintley Phipps on the same broadcast... She even had the entire Winans Family on for a Christmas broadcast in December 1990...So, it’s no surprise that BeBe (and CeCe) continue to make appearances on her show....I remember the time she allowed BeBe to do a whole show around his 2000 CD release, “Love and Freedom” with guest appearances by many of the guests (mainly secular) who performed on the CD with him....BeBe and Oprah are friends! We all do this ;we treat friends differently that we do a stranger...I am not saying it's right but what good is a friend if they don't have your back?Question: Is it a double standard? Or Is it a friend helping a friend? Clip here!