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Friday, May 29, 2009

Sacrificial Praise!

Do you feel like circumstances have you locked in and you can't praise God? How about this. Praise opens the doors! Praise breaks chains! Any time you're willing to praise God despite your circumstances, the forces of heaven come to your aid...But I don't feel like praising God" you say... Then offer to God "a sacrifice of praise." Any body can praise Him in the good times, but when you have to rise above your feeling your circumstances and the opinions of others to do it that's when it's real...The person in the picture has an disorder called Lewandowsky-Lutz Dysplasia it's an extremely rare inheritable disorder in which warts form on the skin.... It normally affects the hands and feet and while it can start in middle ages, it normally begins between the ages of one and twenty... There is no known effective treatment for the disease though surgery can be used to remove the warts.... Unfortunately, after surgery the warts begin to return and it is estimated that a sufferer would need at least two surgeries per year to remove them each time they grow back... In 2007 a sufferer had surgery for the disease and thirteen pounds (5.8 kilos) of warts were removed. 95% of the warts were removed...Therefore if we look to our circumstances to find joy we'll live on an emotional roller coaster...But if we look to the Lord of our circumstances and rejoice in His unfailing goodness we'll move from weakness to strength every time.