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Saturday, December 20, 2008

God Love Diversity

There are people asking weather or not the Obamas should seek out a Black Church. Personal I don't see a problem if they did. I don't have a problem with been segregated on Sunday morning either. Different cultures have different distinctive. They are all good. They reflect the diverse nature of God. I believe all Christian worship the same God but we celebrate him through different means (different languages, expressions, music, cultural contextualization). There’s diversity in unity. It’s a beautiful thing. If you put a diverse group of people together each group will move toward what's familiar. Most multi-ethnic churches are led by white pastors any way ( Joel Osteen,Charles Stanley....). How many churches with over 60% white or others, that are pastured by a black man? I can't name one. A congregation typically becomes all-black if a black pastor is hired. Why? What if Obama chose a Multi-Ethnic Church would that be OK with America? Some white brother and sisters in Christ will not submit to Black leadership. That's one reason some can't see Obama as president. Anyway, the dominant culture in any church should be the culture of Christ. We all no this is not the case. But, I believe the culture of Christ can be expressed and manifested in many different cultural forms. We see a lot of Hispanic Churches all over the country now. Why? Because they are needed. Take a church in China it could be just as kingdom minded as a church in America. They share the same faith, mission, vision yet they express them differently. At the very least, they uses different languages to worship God - not to mention the type of music they sing, the stories that they tell and the lifestyle that they live are drastically different than one and other. Do the church have to be one culture? No! Maybe the white congregation worship God differently than the black congregation but both still worship God. The church, collectively as a whole, can have a dominant culture of Christ. Yet they have different worship styles in which they express the same values differently. If God wanted "same" He would not have made "different."