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Friday, December 19, 2008

1st Lady Michelle Obama.

Standing in line at Wal-Mart the other night I picked up a copy of News Week. The cover title caught my attention: "What Michelle Obama Means to Us." I purchase the magazine to see who the "us"was . Turns out "us" was Allison Samuels, the article's author, and her "sista friends" who were having brunch together on a recent Sunday after church and discussing the Obama election and the "history of the moment." Their talk turned to Michelle Obama and the opportunity and power she has to change, according to Samuel "the way African-Americans see ourselves, our lives and our possibilities."As the author began talking about how Mrs. Obama would be able to shatter stereotypes of black women by being her "authentic self." The author made some great points. But, as a black woman, I am also encouraged by Michelle Obama. I am hoping First Lady Michelle will used her platform for the ills that affect so many young black women. When you think of the high rates of babies born out of wedlock, STD/HIV/AIDS, poverty, etc. amongst black women, it's refreshing to see someone who looks like us in the spotlight (who's not a singer, actress or athlete). I appreciate Michelle Obama as a welcoming alternative image to the endless parade of music video vixens and "reality TV" girls. Who have a disproportionate influence on our youth as well as others' perceptions of black women. I hope that young women everywhere can look at Michelle Obama and believe that they can rise above the statistics. Let me say this also, I love the positive marriage example set by the Obama's. But, long before the Obamas came on the scene I thought Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee had the perfect marriage, if there every was one. I know that many black Christians have been crying out to God about this situation. Especially after an 2006 Washington Post article entitled "Marriage is for White People". I believe God has sent us another example in the Obama's.