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Friday, June 20, 2008

Cindy McCain The Privilege White Woman.

I have some question for Ms. Cindy, are you to be judged as a pitiable victim or as a criminal felon? Should we deal with illicit drug users as victims or as criminals? Ms. Cindy wants too say she has always been proud of her country of course you have. But if this would have happen to Ms. Obama being a person from the South side of Chicago I don't think she would have gotten off as easy. That's why I can understand what she meant by her statement.
So let’s examine Mrs. McCain’s position in these terms. She was the privileged wife of a prominent family and spouse of an important politician, a person who had her own position of prestige and power. Should she not be held at least as accountable for her actions as an uneducated inner-city drug user? After all, she could enter drug treatment at any time she chose, unlike many drug users who find themselves in prison.

Mrs. McCain was violating a position of trust by stealing from a charitable organization, using its money and medical expertise to fuel her drug use. Is this not morally more reprehensible than simply purchasing drugs illegally?

Mrs. McCain was the mother of four children at the time she admits to using drugs–between 1989 and 1992. Her children were born in 1984, 1986, 1988 and 1991. In other words, Cindy McCain was using drugs while raising small children, one of whom she adopted while she was an addict. In most states, family services will remove children from a woman who is known to be an active drug addict, and she would certainly not be allowed to adopt a child while addicted.

John McCain had advocated stricter drug laws, penalties and enforcement against drug sellers. He has had nothing to say about redressing our punitive approach toward drug users. Of course, McCain also supports family values. Yet if John and Cindy McCain were not well-off and influential, they might not have a family at all. McCain’s lack of concern for street drug users contrasts sharply with the support and understanding his wife received.