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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Strive For Integrity!

This couple the Rosenblat are just liars. Mr.Rosenblat, It's your first lie that make you a liar. And whether you steal one dollar or one million, you're still a thief. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is more important than personal integrity. Webster defines it in one word- honesty! And you can only hide your lack of it for so long. Telling lies to people and saying those lies are truth, is just wrong no matter how you try and sugar coated it. I’m glad they were caught in their lies. Rosenblat claimed that while he was in a concentration camp, a Jewish girl whose family was pretending to be Christian gave him apples over a fence. One day he asked her not to come back because he had an “appointment” with the gas chamber. He wasn’t killed; he was transferred to another camp. Years later, he went on a blind date with a woman who turned out to be the girl who’d given him apples all those many years ago. Mr. Rosenblat integrity always puts character over personal gain, people over things, service over power, principle over convenience and the long view over the immediate. Read all about it at The New Republic, which exposed the lie.

Ask why he did it ? “I wanted to bring happiness to people,” he said. “I brought hope to a lot of people. My motivation was to make good in this world.” Perhaps the saddest thing is a lot of people seems to be happy it happen to Oprah again. Why?