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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Alternate Endings

You know how a movie did not end the way you wanted it too? Now you have an opportunity to change the ending to these 12 movies. What/How would you end them? The first three are my ending the others I can't remember what the ending were. Come-on give it your best shot and leave your ending in the comment section.

The Wizard of Oz:
It is not a dream. Dorothy never gets home. She is forced to live in Oz forever and works the rest of her life at the Lollipop Guild making licorice lollipops for minimum wage.

Baby Boy: Melvin turns Jody's gun in to the Police and Jody goes to jail. Melvin becomes a born again Christian and marries Jody's mama. Yvette gets a better job and raise her son. Image Preview

Mo' Better Blues: Indigo is out on a date with Left Hand Lacey so she's not at home when Bleek comes by begging for a place to stay. Image Preview

Color Purple: Nettie reunites Miss Celie with her children after many years living in Africa. They meet Celie and take her back to Africa with them were she help raise her grand children. Image Preview

Forrest Gump: Forrest's son makes fun of him in front of all the kids on the school bus and tells him he never wants Forrest to walk him to the bus stop ever again. Forrest's son turns out to be the meanest brattiest spoiled rich boy in all of Dothan , Alabama and makes his Daddy's life miserable until his dying day. Image Preview

Menace II Society: Ronnie's car breaks down in Chicago on the way to Atlanta and she accepts a ride from a stranger in a green and gold Cadillac. She ends up working for the world famous Bishop Don "Magic" Juan and she is featured in a film called American Pimp. Image Preview

Wall Street: Gekko's wife fearing Gordon will go to jail and she will lose her lavish lifestyle, invites Bud to the beach house to talk some sense into him. While walking on the beach she beats his head in with a rock and drags his body into the ocean. Image Preview

Hustle & Flow: Skinny Black listens to D'Jay's tape the next morning on the stereo at his mama's house. He thinks it's the best thing he has ever heard before so he records it himself in the finest studio in L.A. The song becomes a big hit and D'Jay never gets the credit and never realizes his dream of becoming a rapper. Image Preview

Friday: Deebo gets his second wind, gets off the ground and beats Craig's half to death. Image Preview

Under the Cherry Moon: After Christopher dies, Isaac Sharon returns home to unexpectedly finds his wife crying hysterically. She announces to him that she is pregnant with Christopher's baby after the night Christopher snuck into the wrong bedroom and she is keeping the baby. Mary returns home hand in hand with Tricky and announces to her parents that if she can't marry Chris, Tricky will have to do. Isaac reaches into his blazer pocket and takes out a revolver and shoots himself in the head. Mary gets her inheritance and she and Tricky live happily ever after. Image Preview

Driving Miss Daisy: Hoke responds to Miss Daisy "I ain't yo friend, I'm yo employee and if you want to give me somethin' give me a raise." Miss Daisy accuses Hoke of rape and during the long bitter trial racial tensions boil over and riots break out all over the state of Alabama. The newly formed Black Panthers break Hoke out of jail and help him flee to Cuba here he works as Fidel Castro's driver for many years. Image Preview

Kill Bill 2: Bill Lives. Image Preview