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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Judging The President!

Last night someone asked whether President Obama race had played a role in his actions following his election as the first African-American president. The President answer that his administration, “has been dominated by me trying to figure out how we’re going to fix the economy, and that affects black, brown, and white.” The president said “while there was “justifiable pride” in the historic step of his election. That lasted about a day. . . . Right now the American people are judging me exactly the way I should be judged. Which, Are we taking the steps to improve the financial markets, create jobs, get businesses to reopen, keep America safe? And that’s what I’ve been spending my time thinking about.” This is truly what Dr. King envisioned. Barack Obama will be judged by the content of his character and not the color of his skin. It is his character and his ability to lead that got him elected to the presidency. We want the president to be judged on results. While his presidency is indeed historic it must still be productive. So the president’s response to this question was dead-on right now the color that affects all Americans is green, and the lack of it. So that is what the president will and should be judged on.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Putting Money Into The Hands Of Those People.

I was watching Morning Joe this mornig and thought Joe was going to blow a vessel or something. Scarborough, Buchanan and even Mika screaming about how the recovery bill "gives tax breaks to people who don't pay taxes"."Putting money into the hands of those people" But I thought the working poor pay sales taxes and payroll taxes. Scarborough went on to say the federal governments writing checks to people for doing nothing. For doing absolutely nothing. Well Joe isn't that what we just did for the banking community? Did we not just gave them free cash with no strings? For Joe to call it a socialist bill is total stupid. I believe money in the hands of the elderly and the poor and the middle class will stimulate the economy much faster than giving all those banks and CEOS the money.

They're talking about the article, in the The Washington Post. I thought when times are tough Congress usually decides to work together in the best interests of the country. We all know Bush was in charge when everything collapsed after years of his incompetency. Now we have a new man at the helm and he wants to do the best he can for the country, so how do the GOP react? They oppose, they obstruct, they act the fool. I believe by opposing the president they oppose the rebuilding of the country. So what the Republican Party is showing to the Average American Citizen we don't give a darn. If the Republicans have a better policy plan bring-it-on. The Republicans needs to understand they've failed at governing. They brought us two disastrous wars. They've destroyed the economy. So, where do the Republicans find hope .By throwing opposition at the new President. They sacrifice the good of the nation to their own desire for political power.