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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sexual Abuse In Our Familes.

Check out the new October issue of Essence magazine as Monique herself once again proves that big Girls can also grace magazine covers! In the issue Monique talks about being sexually abused and how she overcame her struggles. Monique also make sure that you know that she's the biggest boss of them all! I commend Monique for coming forth about this horrific event. Not everybody is strong and can discuss issues like this with the world. This is a very highly sensitive subject. Incest is very prevalent in some families. Throughout, generations and unfortunately this is an issue that many families tends to be in denial about. There are so many victims of this kind of abuse. Fortunately, I nor any of my sisters or bothers had to deal with such. But, I do know of several people who has been abused. I hope that sistas will read this and will be encourage to get some healing in their lives and keep watch of their children and others children as well. The signs are there and unfortunately many people do not pay attention. No longer is it the nut on the block or the stranger. Some times it the people we love and trust to protect us. I hope by Monique telling her story others will too.