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Friday, July 10, 2009

McNair Fans Pissed it Was Closed Casket!

Now I’m not exactly an expert in the field of mortuary science, but I’m guessing that four bullets shot at a person from close range, including two in the head, doesn’t make it very easy to make the body presentable.

I’ve never been one of those who will just stop an hold up the funeral line by looking in a casket trying to spot the damages. Once someone’s gone, that’s it for me — I really don’t want to remember them lying in a casket, completely lifeless. Once upon a time long ago you could have paid me all the money in the world and I wouldn't go to a funeral. And if I went you could bet I would not be looking in a casket. I would walk by the casket going as fast as I could all the time making sure I didn't knock other funeral goers down heading for my seat. But I guess like most things, I’m in the minority on this one. Now take for instance your typical Titans or general NFL fan. I’m not sure exactly what they thought they were going to see by visiting Steve McNair’s casket at the funeral home, but some felt that they needed to be there. These are probably people who didn't no McNair nor his wife but just wanted to be nosey. So anyway, if you want to know how sick some of these people are, they were bitching that it wasn’t open-casket. No joke.

People were disappointed that McNair’s casket was closed during the visitation.

“I wanted to view him – I didn’t want to view a casket. I think everybody expected to see him,” said Jackie Smith, who stopped by before going to work at the U.S. Postal Service.

She described herself as a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, “but I enjoyed that Air McNair period.” She said the reality of McNair’s death finally kicked in yesterday when she saw his obituary in the newspaper, “but still I’d prefer to view the body to have some closure.”