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Monday, August 31, 2009

Ne-Yo Joins Mary Mary On “God In Me” Remix.

I believe the heaven is frowning on Mary Mary’s brand of gospel and I truly believe that their music is confusing struggling Christians by blurring the lines between the gospel and secular worlds while also dividing the church. Yes I said it! They are dividing the church with this mess. You got half of the church understanding that gospel can be packaged in any musical form and the other half not paying attention...The “God In Me”and “Get Up” are not wonderful ways to minister to our lost youth... Most who aren’t regularly exposed to traditional gospel or to a church... If we’re dressing, acting and speaking like the world yet still professing our love for Christ we are liar's and the truth are not in us... We’re supposed to stand out not blend in… Either you’re on Team Christ or you’re not... As,Christian we are not supposed to draw people with how we look or sound.... We are supposed to draw people with the gospel of Jesus Christ... Paul the apostle by his own account was not a handsome man, was not a gifted orator, and did not have a pleasant speaking voice.... But he preached Jesus Christ and you saw the result... Jesus Christ Himself, despite how He is commonly depicted in movies and artwork, was a very unassuming Man by appearance.

I believe Mary Mary are desperately seeking worldly recognition (…and the almighty secular dollar) with their fifth studio release The Sound...The purpose of gospel music is to spread the message of Jesus threw song, and there should be a distinction between secular and gospel, people like Mary Mary are doing a great disservice to gospel music with there attempt to appeal to the secular market with there fancy beats and dance music, gospel is not about entertainment, it’s about praising God and it should be done with reverence...I am publicly denouncing Mary Mary’s and refusing to call them a gospel group. (Up Date) I've just learn that the queens of gospel were the opening act for Maxwell BLACK summers night tour.