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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Has Gospel Music Gone To Far?

I grew up listening to gospel music and singing hymns in church on Sunday morning. But, when I here some of our young people lyrics in their music and listen to the beat you have to ask what and who are they selling. I heard these 2 songs on the radio and they caught my attention. I said to self these songs will be in the club as well in the church house.

I am not too sure if this should even be consider gospel. Any way a gospel song should not reminds you of the "CLUB" so much for winning souls to Christ. This is how I see it. I am not trying to say Mary Mary nor anyone else should not express their love for Christ. I am talking to my self when I ask has gospel music gone to far? And my self answers back with a loud YES.

Mary Mary has a new single “Get Up” Now my question is what are we getting up to do? Are we getting up to party in the club or are we getting up from our bed of sin and shame to Praise The Lord. Mary Mary are good at sampling secular music and calling it gospel. Remember the song Yesterday? From the looks of the album cover they are selling more than the Word of God through song. Either way the clubs will benefit from“Get Up” more than true Christians will.
Now, Deitrick Haddon has always been edgy. We all no what they say about preachers kids. It's apparent that he too is joining the rest of the hip hop and r&b world (wearing earrings and all) and singing songs that semi glorify God. Now, this song has been out for a minute but Lord Jesus it reminds me of the world. Picture the choir on Sunday morning rocking in their place to “Love Him Like I Do” At least he mention God all through this song.