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Friday, December 26, 2008

The Message Is In The Music.

The future of the church is dependent upon our children and young people. If our children are corrupt, then the church will become more and more corrupt. But, there will be churches that continue to stand for righteousness and holiness. We must stop allowing the influences of evil to get in the way of righteousness. I believe the Prophet Isaiah say it best in Isaiah 5:20 . We have to stop calling whats evil good. Anyway some or many may be upset that I am visiting this again, but that's OK.

This is Mary Mary 4th album "The Sound". I listen to the entire CD and to me it sounded very secular. I could not find one song on their album that I would say is of the Lord in other words it didn't point to Christ. Now, the cover of the album portrays them as if they’re going to the club. Who wears these garments to Christian functions? Our young people are being deceived and lead away from Christ and the faith. Why are we allowing this to happen? I love my son who's 25 yrs of age and I don't want my son to spend eternity in Hell. You cannot accept the real Christ if He's not been portrayed as such. It's time for us to stop wanting to have every thing our way. Christ is the standard! A Christian artist should be very afraid when secular stores are carrying their albums to sell. The hit song Get Up was on ABC’s Ugly Betty. Mary, Mary were on GMA the other morning and there is nothing wrong with promoting your work. But what kingdom are you representing? A artist really need to be afraid when their song sounds worldly enough to be on secular shows. But Ann, that’s been going on for years now I know but it still don't make it right.
They also have a song on their CD called Super friend, and they have a very special guest on that song. Levell Crump, better known to the hip hop world as David Banner. He is feature on that track. I heard of him because of my son having some of his music. I did a search of David Banner and found out he is one of the top explicit secular hip hop artist out now. David Banner is so explicit that in 2003 he had an album titled Baptized in Dirty Water, which reverence no respect of the every living God. Banner has a 2008 album out right now titled "The Greatest Story Ever Told" In his rhyme on Mary Mary’s track which don't makes sense. It don't make sense because dark and light can't exist together one will cancel the other one out. The message is in the music.