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Saturday, April 9, 2011

The God Of The Bible Will Never Force Us To Give Up Sin(s).

I'm not familiar with Lisa Raye nor her hit reality show “The Real McCoy” which airs on TV One....the buzz on the net is this season show will have the actress continuing her search for love.....in the clip below Ms.Raye talks about her relationship with religion and her reluctance to abstain from sex:
“If god wants me to stop having sex, dancing, and drinking he’s gonna have to speak real loud and clear to me tonight…. I still want to be a Christian, but I need to figure out the rules.”
New Christians quite often have these crazy  misconceptions about God and the Christian life.....one misconception incorrect conception is that God have to force take the sin(s)  we love from us.....that's not true!! the God of the Bible will never coerce, pressure,squeeze nor force any thing from us that we are unwilling to give up for Him....God will not force anyone to obey His will -- we are creatures with free moral agency -- we can reject all that God has done for us and judge ourselves "unworthy of everlasting life"....this common misconceptions of Christianity often hinder new Christians from growing and maturing in the Christian faith....Ms. Ray also talks about having tried other religions including Buddhism and even Scientology.