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Showing posts with label Life Storms Will Come To Make Us Better.. Show all posts

Monday, August 11, 2008

Life Is Full Of Storms.

Storms bring hidden blessings. The disciples once discovered this lesson. In a storm-tossed boat on Galilee, the men were overworked and overwrought. When it seemed all hope was lost, “they see Jesus walking on the sea” (John 16:19). God’s way is in the sea, according to the Psalmist, and His path is in the great waters (Psalm 77:19). Christ comes in the storm. That is perhaps the greatest lesson each of us can find. He is the greatest unexpected blessing in rough times. Think as well of the time when the Apostle Paul’s storm-tossed vessel was wrecked against the island of Cauda. The shipwrecked apostle was used by God to bring healing to the island chieftain. Occasionally, storms take us to unexpected places to do surprising things. Diamonds, fine porcelain, gold and silver are not refined at room temperature. In the same sense, the stormy crucible can bring the best things from our lives. Storms cause us to meet ourselves. Storms forces us to ask: Who are we? What are we made of? Do we faint in the day of adversity or do we find the grit and grace from God to forge ahead? Storms have a way of leaving each of us better than before. Think about the palm tree in a storm. Its trunk is parallel to the ground and its branches whip wildly in the wind. But the palm tree will rise again to higher heights, strengthened by the storm. We are a lot like palm trees (Psalm 92). We may fall, but we will arise (Micah 7:8). Within us is a resiliency and buoyancy placed there by our Creator. Question: How do you react to your life storms? Do you think about giving up? Do you question God?