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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dr.Yvonne Cole: You Got To Get Your Praise On.

The adopted mother of R&B Keyshia Cole is releasing her debut full length gospel cd in April on her own label, C & W Records. The lead single on the cd is "Get Your Praise On" now.

Dr. Cole is not new to the music industry, having sung with the female quartet the Spiritual Specials as well as with Pastor Elijah Baker and the Stars of Joy. Dr. Cole says she "like preaching and going to hospitals and convalescent homes." She love catering to elderly people and just doing for them. Dr. Cole says singing is her ministry. The single is powerful !

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Old Black Church Give Keyshia Cole Some Love.

I love me some Reality TV as long as it is in good taste. The Way It Is , Run's House and Salt & Pepa. Kesha and her family has a lot of issues that I can relate to. I hope that her sister don't go through with killing her baby. What do you think about the show are do you watch it?

That’s just the way it is. From 6 to 60, it seems like everyone is watching the BET hit docudrama, Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is. Give much credit to Keyshia and her compelling life story and how she was able to rise from a very rough and tough beginning in Oakland, CA, dealing with a drug addicted mother, and sister and lots of other drama to become a critically-acclaimed, platinum-selling R&B superstar. The Young man that produce this show is the same one that did Run's House.

The first season gave viewers insight into Keyshia early life’s and how she got to the top of the music charts which was an amazing story all by itself. Keyshia Cole was created for reality TV. She appears so real, so unaware of the cameras and like her or not, she’s just being who she really is and her fans get to watch the “realness” or some say “ugliness” in her life unfold on national TV.

This season, Keyshia has invited several members of her family to live in her multi-million dollar Atlanta mansion, including her mother, recently released from prison after serving three years for drug-related charges, and her sister, Neffie, who suffers from alcoholism. As you might imagine, no good can come out of this especially since the star is also trying to deliver her next CD. Keyshia takes her mother and sister into her home, too me that is love. “The issues the mother still has and the sister still has and Keisha having to bear this on her shoulders while trying to put out a new album and still trying to advance her career that is pure love.”

The first show, Keyshia’s mom and sister have to play by her rules -- one of which includes no men in the house. Their response: "No company? Are we just going to look at each other? Are we in prison? We don't get no conjugal visits?" says Neffie.

what was sad to me was when Frankie says I still feel locked up, that's not a good way to feel especially since I'm free. I don't want to feel locked up, so I gotta do me. Keyshia soon questions whether her efforts to provide her family with such a cushy existence are really worth the toll it is taking on her personally. When she realizes that she cannot balance the pressures of her career with trying to help her mother and sister adapt to their new surroundings and sobriety, she seeks professional help that is love. Love is what love does.