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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Do The Act Of One Kappa Alpha Psi Brother Represent The Whole Organization??

The greek-letter organization Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity have been in existence for at least 100 years i'm told  with little to none controversy in it hundred years. But that statement  is no longer true according to this web site . A controversial video have surfaced on the net showing two men getting married in which one of the men is said to be a Kapp. The two men, Robert Brown and Nathaniel Gay, held a crimson-and-cream themed ceremony on Sept. 12 in Lexington,KY. Brown took to Twitter to express his happiness over his marriage and shared video of his wedding ceremony. This tidbit of information have set off a firestorm among the frat brothers.

"I by no means have an issue with anyone getting married and that includes two men or two women. Personal levels of comfort should not be a determination in ones ability to profess their love for another at the highest level (i.e. marriage). My issues comes when you wrap that love in the tradition of Kappa Alpha Psi. Had these two brothers simply got married and invited Kappas to the wedding I would have been like cool. Two brothers got married and one happens to be a Kappa. However, to make your wedding a Kappa wedding per se is the equivalent to a brother wearing a Kappa Hat, Kappa Shirt, Kappa Socks, Kappa Kane hanging out his back pocket and shooting the yo while posing for a picture simply over the top. What this wedding is indicative of to me is the over the top society we have become that says HEY YALL SEE ME!!!! It just so happens the SEE ME is now inclusive of thousands of brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi who are now answering questions not about the fraternity and our commitment to achievement, but one lone brothers selfish act of grandeur for the world to see he is finally married~Dr. Cohen ."
Do you agree with Dr. Cohen?

" I’m a member of Kappa Alpha Psi .I have read the posting and what a person does it between him and the one that he is doing it with and the wedding look great but I must say as a member of a great frat that is built on Christian principle. Understanding the history of the frat, of 10 men and their goal it is a slap in the face to those member that share in the bond of brother hood. In a world that ethic and principle mean nothing the man could have save the frat the shame of throwing up the YO to show that he was in a the frat .This will not hurt the frat because any and everyone that knows what kappa is about the true meaning not what a few have been able to pledge or inducted into will know that for a 100 years we have strive to make a difference in young men life to help them to make it in a world to show the world that we as black men to male in every human endeavor. I said BLACK MEN not male there is a difference. The frat was base on teaching and making a young man a better one .I hope this young male understand we have work to hard on the back of the DREAMER BROTHER EDER WATSON DIGGS brother Bro.Ezra D. Alexander, Bro Byron Kenneth Armstrong, Bro Henry Asher, Bro Marcus Blakemore, Bro Paul Caine, Bro George Edmonds, Bro Guy Grant, Bro Edward Irvin, and. Bro John Lee to try to mess up the Dreamer Dream it is clear to me that you’re still seeing for the true understanding of PHI NU PHI sp 86"~DC