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Friday, December 12, 2008

Christianity Is Unpopular And Politically Incorrect.

Joel and Victoria Osteen were on Larry King pushing their new merchandise which just happens to be a children book. They also threw in their famous message of hope to the world. When asked about the economic condition and how it is affecting us, Osteen shared his positive message about how God is a good God and we just need to have hope and believe that this will all turn around; that it is going to get better. I wish Joel would have told Larry that Christ is the Hope and it's He alone. When asked about his wealth, he referred to Abraham, how he was a wealthy man, an example of how God wants His people to prosper. Some one call in and asked about salvation. I thought the response Joel gave to the caller was incomplete. The caller said that he didn't feel saved. Joel should have let the caller no that salvation is not a feeling it's an assurance. It is sad that we live in a time when Christianity is unpopular and politically incorrect. Christians are considered intolerant and unloving because we stand by the truth of God’s word. Television evangelist want total acceptance so they fill their churches with all the things that Jesus can do for you but they leave out the cross. Everyone wants to hear how Jesus can help but few want to follow in his steps on the narrow road. Any one call of God who compromise the truth are furthering the kingdom of darkness! It is a tool of Satan to take the truth and add a lie. In Daniel 8:12 we read “..and truth was thrown to the ground” concerning a vision Daniel was seeing in future times. That my friends is a valid description of the days we are living in now! I believe self-help has invaded our churches and our thinking. The messages are basically about us, our goodness, our service, and what we can do to be better. It isn’t about us, it is about Christ. Self-help sells. It gives people of control and power to change their lives.