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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Is John MacArthur Envy Of Joel Osteen Ministry?

Some Christians are upset with John  MacArthur for pointing fingers at Joel Osteen...In the clip below John MacArthur said  your best life Joel Osteen's message is nothing new....and it comes from "Satan" himself....MacArthur said  Satan tried to get Jesus to seek His best life now in Luke 4:5-7 But Jesus refused and submitted His life to the will of the Father (Philippians 2:5-11). Even today Satan continues to tempt people to pursue their best life now....The message of Satan rings clear in Osteen's book says MacArthur. the quote below is one of many  that I found on a message board:
""There was nothing but sarcasm and envy spewing forth from his lips that suggests, at least to us, that he fears Osteen’s message and influence could be damaging to his own self interest.  Additionally, the mocking nature of Johnny Mac’s delivery was absent love.  His presentation, in our view, damaged his own credibility far more than he damaged Osteen’s credibility.    There are a lot of voices out there all claiming to be good shepherds and exclusive holders and defenders of the truth, but with very different and unique messages.  If one’s message of truth isn’t capable of standing on its own merits but needs to be bolstered by disingenuous attacks on others, might it not be an appropriate time to reassess one’s own juxtaposition to the truth?""
Why do  people have a problem with a preacher calling out another preachers? Is John MacArthur envy of Joel Osteen ministry?  Do you think John MacArthur is correct? Do you believe Joel Osteen preaches a false gospel? Some one  mention that  John MacArthur has over 9,000 following him on "Twitter" but he does not follow any one...now I don't know what they mean by that  statement.